Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Cine makers  Pvt. Ltd. has been providing its service since one and a half decades. Cine makers, is dedicated to the field of film making and facilitation . It works on films, documentary films, docu-dramas, tele-serials, music videos, TV programs, advertisements, PSA (Public Service Announcement) and other similar activities. Cine makers is manned by media professionals of outstanding caliber, who have undertaken the challenge to create quality output in the field of film making. With the help of its strategic partners like- Film Development Board (FDB) and Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Cine makers assists filmmakers by providing information on the permits essential to shoot in public places, World Heritage Sites and flight paths, etc.

                               Mr. K.P. Pathak, the Managing Director of this company, has heaped over 27 years experience in the film industry and acquired an extensive outdoor shooting familiarity. He has taken pleasure in his professional vocation in Nepalese film industry, initially working as an actor, writer and gradually grown to be director & producer.  As a knowledgeable editor, writer, producer and director, he has toiled on over 27 movies and has been a recipient of several awards. His work has driven him to different parts of the country and with his inimitable production proficiency.

Cine makers is established with the coordination of group of people having experience in film industry. Our team of Cine makers has sound knowledge of the existing policy of government in Nepal. We have good connection with the people of film sector. So we can handle all kinds of national and international film groups properly. We can assist those who are willing to make film production in Nepal by arranging different equipments & by supporting our clients in understanding the legal procedures which are initiated by our government. We have dedicated team consisting of artists, production managers, technicians, production helpers who have deep knowledge of technical equipments & government policies. They provide utmost support to its clients from abroad & nation.

                           We are one of the trustworthy and reliable company . We support and help those who are searching for the best location and management team in order to do film shooting in Nepal. For the convenience of our guests, we provides all the necessary equipments, film production team, etc. Cine makers, having Nepal Government authority, have deep knowledge of the policies & other works relating to the Cinema making so it is one of the reliable company to you in that sense.

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